New Formula New Look FreshClean

Sustainable cleaning is always at the heart of our company ethos - we are constantly listening to our customers,  trying to find ways to improve user experience and our FreshClean product.

After months of product and consumer research we are proud to tell you that FreshClean, the multipurpose cleaner, degreaser and deodoriser is now even better for you and the environment.

Our new formula FreshClean is now:

  • Totally phosphate free – significantly reducing its environmental impact
  • Hard water area friendly – we have added a water softening agent, greatly improving the product performance particularly in hard water areas
  • Reduced in fragrance concentration and has an improved fragrance formulation – following valuable feedback from our clients we have altered the formulation and concentration of added fragrances so that not only do we build on FreshClean’s green credentials, but use in confined areas is now not quite so overpowering!

Other changes to FreshClean include packaging updates which continue to ensure that FreshClean is:

  • Better - the new, screen printed tubs do away with the need for producing, printing and sticking on labels.  Fragrance colour coded lids on the 5 Kg tubs allows easy identification for your specific contract uses.
  • Simpler - we have simplified the usage instructions and updated our user guides to reflect the clearer instructions. For an up to date copy of our user guides, click to download.
  • Cheaper – all our tubs come with a double ended measuring spoon.  The 2.5gm measure fits conveniently into the neck of a trigger spray bottle which means even less wastage through spillage when using trigger sprays – not to mention less time and aggravation to measure out required dosages!
  • Cleaner – we have improved the solubility so that even in the event of incorrect dosage, FreshClean will leave absolutely no residue.

FreshClean continues to add real value to any contract; it ‘does what it says on the tub’ but now even better, and with a vastly improved sustainability credential.

FreshClean is the only cleaning product you will ever need and to ensure that you get the most out of using FreshClean - we provide full, certificated training on the safe and efficient use and with only one product in use COSHH management is reduced to a minimum.

If you want to know more about the changes we’ve made, or to arrange a demonstration to feel the true benefits, contact us or call our sales team today on 01753 655 076 - you really have got nothing to lose…

Still not convinced? Don’t just take our word for it - read our testimonials or book your demonstration


Interested in a demonstration?

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