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Mission Statement

“The mission is simple. To provide a sustainable value proposition led approach through excellence in product and service that achieves maximum time and cost savings for clients and their end users without compromising the health and safety regulations or end results.”

About RJN Chemicals


RJN Chemicals was established in 2001.  Since those early days, and largely due to the uniqueness of the FreshClean product and our outstanding customer service, we have received a phenomenal response from all industry sectors resulting in a threefold increase in sales.

Under the leadership of Managing Director Mal Stevens, RJN Chemicals’ continual quest to adhere to the core principles of sustainable cleaning ensures that we maintain the highest levels of sustainability in the industry.  To do this, we invest heavily in the research and development process – always mindful of our duty to reduce the impact of our products, and our company, on the environment.

Download DEFRA’s Sustainable Cleaning Guide

Our principles of sustainability run throughout our organisation with improvements being implemented across all of our processes too.  We are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  Technological advances since we began RJN Chemicals have meant that we are now able to run an almost paperless company!

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Our exceptional service levels provide customers with the peace of mind that not only do we have an outstanding commercial cleaning product, but that we can deliver over 96% of orders via a next day service.

If you would like to find out more about RJN Chemicals and our products and services please enquire here or call us on 01753 655 076 to book an appointment with your area representative.



Interested in a demonstration?

To see how FreshClean stands up to your existing products ask us for a demo. Our team will be pleased to help.

Call us on 01753 650 425 to discuss demonstrating FreshClean in your business or complete the form below and we will contact you to arrange it.


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