Why FreshClean?

IMG 5459Changing your commercial cleaning product to FreshClean will bring significant benefits to your organisation, but most importantly:

Savings in cost, time and effort 

Supplying FreshClean in concentrated powder form dramatically reduces costs; a fragranced, general purpose trigger spray solution costs just 5p! The savings are clear when compared to other 'ready for use' trigger sprays that can cost £3 or more.

Our new double ended measuring spoon fits conveniently into the neck of a trigger spray bottle which means even less wastage through spillage, less time and aggravation in measuring required dosages – saving time, effort and cost! 


FreshClean is arguably the most versatile commercial cleaning product on the market and will clean all interior surfaces including panels, floors, windows, stainless steel, safety strips, wash basins and mirrors, carpets and upholstery.  It will also remove graffiti from most surfaces.

Health & Safety
We believe FreshClean is the best product on the market for Altro and other non-slip flooring.  Floors cleaned with FreshClean achieve an excellent slip co-efficient of 71/72, compared to the optimum figure of 75 – a critical consideration in high traffic areas. 

IMG 5331


FreshClean is easy to store, transport and handle.  The concentrated powder formulation means that a 700gm tub of FreshClean will dilute to as many as 280 trigger sprays. Compare this with decanting solutions from a 25 litre container that weighs 25 kilos!

Certificated staff training in the economical use of FreshClean is provided and always available.

Our claims are bold which is why we offer a no risk, free trial.  Call our dedicated team on 01753 655 076 to discuss your requirement or click to arrange your demonstration today!



Interested in a demonstration?

To see how FreshClean stands up to your existing products ask us for a demo. Our team will be pleased to help.

Call us on 01753 650 425 to discuss demonstrating FreshClean in your business or complete the form below and we will contact you to arrange it.


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