Why do so many people choose to use FreshClean?

FreshClean is the complete multipurpose cleaner and degreaser.

It saves money: A trigger spray solution will cost as little 5 pence, as can a 5-litre mopping solution, products costing as much as £3.00. That’s 60 times the cost!

It cleans everything: FreshClean will clean just about anything. That includes concrete, terrazzo, quarry tiles, paintwork, glass, stainless steel, Altro and other non-slip flooring. It will also remove graffiti from most surfaces. FreshClean remains active even when dirty – used mopping solutions can be used to degrease bin rooms and chutes.

Available in 5 Fragrances and Unscented: lemon, rose, jasmine, imperial and lavender – if it smells clean, it is clean.

What can I use FreshClean for?

FreshClean is probably the most versatile product on the market and will clean all interior surfaces including panels, floors, windows, stainless steel, safety strips, wash basins and mirrors, carpets and upholstery. In particular we believe FreshClean is the best product on the market for Altro and other non-slip flooring. It will also remove most forms of graffiti. Multi-purpose really does mean just that!

How does using FreshClean benefit my company?

With only one product in use, COSHH management is reduced to a minimum.

We will carry out on-site training in basic COSHH and the correct and economical use of FreshClean. Staff receive a Certificate of Competence and management have a permanent signed record of all those that have been trained - demonstrating good corporate governance and Health & Safety practice.

Is FreshClean good for the environment?

FreshClean ticks all the boxes for Sustainable Cleaning. With a single 5-kilo tub of FreshClean diluting to 2,000 trigger spray refills it is not too difficult to appreciate the saving of plastic containers committed to landfill – refill FreshClean trigger sprays time after time, after time.

Is FreshClean safe to use on my flooring from a health and safety point of view?

Floors cleaned with FreshClean achieve an excellent slip co-efficient of 71/72, compared to the optimum figure of 75 - an important consideration in high traffic areas.

How easy is FreshClean to store?

There are always challenges of storage and handling, particularly in industries where cleaning might be carried out at night, far from the actual cleaning shed. The concentrated formulation of FreshClean also solves this problem - a 700g tub of FreshClean will dilute to as many as 280 trigger sprays - easy to store, easy to transport and easy to handle. Compare this with decanting trigger spray solutions from a 25 litre container that weighs 25 kilos! The choice is obvious!

How quickly will I get my order?

Clients can rely upon us for excellent service; currently 97% of all orders placed before 2pm are despatched the same day by overnight carrier.

We believe FreshClean is the best cleaning product on the market - a strong claim but one we are always pleased to put to the test. Call us for a demonstration of what FreshClean can do for your operation - it will cost nothing to find out and it might just save you the earth.

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Interested in a demonstration?

To see how FreshClean stands up to your existing products ask us for a demo. Our team will be pleased to help.

Call us on 01753 650 425 to discuss demonstrating FreshClean in your business or complete the form below and we will contact you to arrange it.


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