Before & After FreshClean



Industrial Oven Before  AfterIndustrials Ovens are no match for FreshClean

Heavily soiled grease filter was cleaned using a 15g (20p) trigger spray solution




Terazzo Flooring Before  AfterSupermarket Terrazzo Flooring Stains easily eliminated

A typical, unsightly stain at a checkout and an illustration how easily they can be removed with just 10p. FreshClean removes all stains from terrazzo including wine and oils.



Stainless Steel Before  AfterShiny Stainless Steel Panels for less than 5p!

Incredibly this top panel was cleaned with a 5p trigger spray solution of Freshclean. The previously used product actually cost £8.20 for a 600g trigger  spray!




Grafitti Before  After

Grafitti and stubborn stains and spillages gone!

Unsightly graffiti removed using a 5p solution of FreshClean from a trigger spray. Not all such graffiti is so readily removed but this was literally just spray and wipe.





Interested in a demonstration?

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