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Our team strongly believes that FreshClean is the best performing and most versatile commercial cleaning product on the market today.  Our customers think so too.

FreshClean is currently used for contracts in the following sectors:

Housing Associations and Estates Cleaning

social-housing picThese contracts often provide the toughest cleaning challenges for FreshClean.  Our product has been tried and tested on almost every conceivable surface, from concrete stairwells to stainless steel lifts.  Concentration of the FreshClean solution can be varied to suit the cleaning requirement - even graffiti can be removed from most surfaces with minimal effort!


Stanstead Airport ArialMany contractors in the transport sector now are changing their commercial cleaning products to FreshClean.  Not only are the sustainability benefits of FreshClean being implemented throughout many rail and airport terminals across the country but the five unique fragrances of FreshClean Northern Trainenable operators to further establish their corporate identity with a fresh, clean aroma.  Optimising the traveller experience is key for many operators so if it smells clean - it is clean.



FreshClean has been proven with many of the contractors in the retail sector as second to none in removing stains from terrazzo flooring. 


Retail afterOur new SanitiserPlus product extends our offering to this sector so clients will still only need one commercial cleaning product if your contract includes food preparation and storage areas and cafés or restaurants.



Oceana CarpetWhen there is real pressure on budgets and margins, FreshClean really comes into its own.  With a trigger spray of FreshClean costing as little as 5p each, versus a 'ready to use' product that can cost around £3.00, it's no wonder that we can count some of the largest and most successful contract cleaning companies amongst our clients.


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